What You Should Know About Working with a Professional Organizer

As with anything that's not traditional or that hasn't been around for years and years, there are questions, doubts and myths. Unfortunately, not all things we hear are positive and peaches & cream. Sometimes, we need to cut through the noise and answer some tough questions, face some harsh realities.

Today we're slashing through some fog in my world and providing clarity. We'll be squashing rumors and perceptions about what's to be expected when working with us. We'll be debunking myths about working with a professional organizer.

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1. Have an Idea About Your End Goal

I can't tell you how many times I've heard "Well, you're a Professional Organizer, you're a Systems Coach, don't you know my goal?" Ehh, wrong! Sorry to start the post off with the sound of a buzzer, but just because we're a professional doesn't mean we know your daily routines inside and out. It is our goal to work with you, help you sort through the clutter and understand how to approach any organizing task. 

But in order for the relationship to be mutually beneficial, we need you to know your own end goal. If it's to simply straighten an area in your house, organize a business process, or de-clutter an entire dwelling, it should be at least identified and defined.

Feel overwhelmed? Start here: think of the hardest thing you have to do on a daily or weekly basis. What part of your business seems to suck the most time out of your day? Or what's the one thing that you struggle the most with in terms of processes or systems?

For in-home/office organizing, think of the most highly used areas {mudroom, kitchen, pantry, family command center}. If the areas seeing the most use and abuse aren't working for you, you'll continue to be frustrated by them because they rear their ugly heads on a daily basis.

2. Your Home/Business Will NOT Be Ready for a Magazine Photo Shoot

Again, sorry to disappoint here folks, but it's not in anyone's best interest for us to stage your living area for Better Homes & Gardens to come in and do a full photo shoot. That's just not way real people live, not even the professionals.

We're here to tailor and area to work for you, to be as streamlined as possible, and to be easy for you to live with. It's our job to learn how you live on a daily basis and to organize areas to suit your lifestyle. We look for ways to free up wasted space, to make best use of the space you have available, and to streamline any area to make your life easier.

Will it be decluttered? Yes! Will it be functional? Yes! Will it be labeled? Most likely, yes! Will it be ready for the professional photographers? NO! And it shouldn't be.

3. You Will Have to Let Go of Things

This one is tough. Part of getting to the point of working with a professional organizer is to allow them to free up the physical/digital space you have. Most clients, after walking through the process, are willing to free themselves of the extra stuff. And this means donating items & sending stuff to the garbage.

The good part is when you free yourself of things that you no longer truly need, you're freeing your space for yourself and your future, and you're given the opportunity to bless someone else in need. One of the greatest things we can do is give to those who need items more than we do, and part of the purging process allows us to do that.

But we need you to be prepared to part with physical goods if they're not critical to your life anymore. That makes the relationship with a PO that much more fulfilling.

4. This Is a Judgement-Free Zone

Unfortunately, many people feel embarrassed when they begin working with a professional organizer. This is a huge hurdle to get over, we get it. Think about when you go to the doctor and you confide in them about an ailment or a condition you're experiencing. They do not judge you. After all, it's their job to help heal you.

Like physicians, Professional Organizers do not judge. To us, your abundant accumulation of things is like a puzzle and we can't wait to roll up our sleeves and (a) take it apart, and then (b) put it back together again to make your life 100 times easier.

Trust us, your disorganization is never "the worst we've ever seen". And besides, nobody is perfect. If you were organized, we'd be out of a job!

5. Your PO Will Not Clean It

This one's gonna sound harsh but here goes: Professional Organizers are not cleaners. No knock on folks who make a living cleaning spaces, I have family who did it for years. But we are not coming into your house to clean it.

Furthermore, be ready to take everything out and make a mess (no worries, not a sticky, gunky mess). Part of the process involves taking everything out of the space. We'll be putting it back together in a way that works for you, but beyond that, it is not the Professional Organizer who'll be scrubbing your floors.

6. Your PO Will Not Fix It/Put it Up

As much as I'd love to say that we put up shelves all day long, we don't. Every house can be different. I have techniques to help you find that stud and put up the shelving solution I recommend but I can't put it up. I'm not personally capable of putting up everything that clients need. 

Most Professional Organizers will not fix broken stuff and permanently attach anything, especially to walls. We can certainly help you find the resources but Bob Vila we are not. Sorry.....

7. Please DO NOT Tidy Up Beforehand

This one goes along with #5 above. While we are not glorified cleaners, we ask that you DO NOT tidy up a space before we get our eyes on it. We want to see what it looks like when you genuinely live/work in the space. We need to see where it's broken in order to be able to fix it. If you tidy up before your PO gets there, how well of an assessment will we be able to give? 

8. A Professional Organizer Will Help You in Small Doses

Unless you are willing to book a Professional Organizer & Systems Coach for a month long project, it's best to work in small doses. The reason this is true is for a few reasons:

  • A space or a system didn't get disorganized all at once. Therefore it's not going to get organized or simplified all at once either. This is similar to weight loss.....we didn't get overweight instantly, we're not going to lose weight instantly either.
  • Avoiding burnout is critical for both the organizer and the client. Going through the organizing & systemization process is mentally taxing. The human mind requires time to process what is presented in front of them and how to change it, as well as adopting to the change. Think about how long it takes to create a habit.

Sometimes these conversations are hard to have with clients, but they're important. They're guidelines to ensure the relationship between the Professional Organizer and the client is a good one.

Getting organized and having systems in place takes time for anyone to get used to and adopt fully. But with time, dedication, and hard work, anyone can get more organized and have the proper systems in place.

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