How to Land That Next {Of First} Biz Client

With all the constantly changing social media platforms out there, it's not surprising that people are throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks. Well today, I'm helping you walk through the process that'll guide you towards the right, most effective platform to use to grow your engaged audience. We're backing up and looking at each platform like an painter looks at the view in front of him. You'll turn your head a bit, cock one eyebrow up towards the sky, and see each platform for what they are.


The Top Tested Biz Tips to Get Your Next {or First} Client 

Today we're talking about the number one, tried & true, client acquiring strategy. We're dissecting each social media platform out there and pointing you in the right direction. We'll be giving you the highest return on your investment, your time and your energy. And, if you keep reading and get all the way to the bottom of this post, I give you my own real life success story blueprint. 

Stay the Course and Build on Your Connections

You're here now because you're amazingly talented, educated in your craft, and you're in it to win it. You've scrubbed your resume, you've had career building experience, you have a fire in your belly and you're set to go. But where can you find people who'll love you for what you can offer them?

A lot like me, you've probably put yourself out there only to find that making yourself stand above the crowd is waaaaayyy harder than first anticipated. I've doubted myself time and time again. I've waffled in choosing my path and sticking with it. I've failed, gotten up, dusted myself off, and then tried again. That's because we have grit, you and me, we've got hutzpah.

Now, reaching out to folks that we know and bearing it all for them is a great first step. I've heard the "ya, ok" and seen the eye rolls or been questioned by people all about what the online world is all about. I've heard it all folks. But that just puts more fire under me and makes me more determined to succeed. Friends, please stay the course. It only takes one person to believe in you, spread the word about your talents, and it'll continue to multiply. 

Ok, enough of my coaching...let's get up off the couch and go talk strategy.

Break Down the Platforms One by One

Twitter = short conversation

Twitter - This is a great platform if you're into "talking" to folks anywhere in the world instantaneously. But that's all it is, a short lived conversation. It's great to keep engaged with folks but will it make them truly understand what services you can offer? At first, probably not! And will it make them want to buy? Second probably not.

Taking some time to have a short, meaningful conversation with others on this platform can lead to great results, down the road. If you really want to make an impact and shock yourself, reach out to someone you admire on Twitter, engage them with a question or compliment, and do not mention a product or service offering you have. You may think this is a great platform to pitch someone, but really it's not. Have faith and save your pitches for your email marketing. 

Facebook = look at me and what I'm doing (yeah!) - stay connected (personal)

Facebook - FB is a wonderful platform to keep people connected with one another. A Facebook connection usually comes after you've met someone in person or it's a great way to connect post "connection". Want a great way to replace that holiday letter to your loved ones? Want another virtual yearbook? Facebook is great for that. Putting your professional offerings out there is a good start, but it has not yet proven to give you the biggest return on your investment: time and energy.

Instagram = image representing a moment in your life (time stands still)

Instagram - I like to think of this platform as my way of not having to carry a photo album with me everywhere I go anymore. It's a great way of saying to the world "look at this picture, look at what I'm doing". It's a visual representation of a snapshot in your world. That snapshot may work for people if your way of earning a living is presenting a picture of your brand but it can be complicated and hard to get someone's attention if what you do is service oriented. Painting a visual snapshot of the service you provide can be hard...that's not to say it's not attainable, but it's more complicated than my favorite platform.

Pinterest = virtual cookbook of how-to's, recipes, visual inspiration and guides

Pinterest - Now this is my favorite way of grabbing reader's attention quickly. Pinterest is a virtual cork board filled with visual ideas for people who are seeking (a) ideas, (b) knowledge and/or (c) direction. If you're providing services for clients, Pinterest is the #1 platform that will give you the highest return on your investment. Think of Pinterest as a cookbook, providing your ideal clients recipes for exactly what they're searching. Your services can be the recipe they're in search of.

One of the best ways to get your abilities in front of people is to post it visually onto Pinterest. You're taking your know-how and sharing it with people who are coming to the platform because that's what they're "interested" in. Duh! No wonder it's named Pinterest.

Pinterest is the fastest audience growing platform. What can take you years to grow in an engaged following takes perhaps 1-3 months on Pinterest. 

Pinterest has been said by some of the biggest and best bloggers out there to be their #1 source of traffic to their sites. To be truthful, if it weren't for Pinterest, I don't think anyone outside of my close circle of friends would know who I am and what I have to offer to the online world. Pinterest helps get you and your knowledge, experience, and valuable solutions in front of enormous crowds. All this without working through a recruiting agency, ha! No other platform provides such a clearer path to share your knowledge in real time with millions of people at the cost of $0.00!

Some Advice: Master One Platform at a Time

All this advice being said, pick one (or 2) social media platforms and be active on the ones that fit your model. Spreading yourself too thin and trying to be on all of them can get overwhelming and you run the risk of burning out. I don't say this to discourage you, rather to help you aim your fuel at the right fire. In my case, Pinterest works the best for me because I want to reach beyond my personal connections (Facebook), I don't really care for Twitter (I'm an introvert) and I want to showcase what I know, what I've experienced, and what I'm confident can help other people.

Continue Crafting Your Own Content

The very best thing you can do to continue attracting folks to your corner of the web and showcasing how you may be their next phenomenal solution is by continuing to craft your own content. By picking one social media platform and paying attention to what's being discussed on it, you can keep your fingers on the pulse of what everyone's talking about (i.e. trending). What people are talking about is usually composed of: questions that are being asked, resources being searched for, topics that are important to the business you may serve, and more. 

By crafting content you may say "but I find I run out of ideas or topics"....this may be for a number of reasons. Instead of thinking and coming up with nothing, try this trick:

  • Go to a blog post on a favorite site you admire, read it all the way to the end, and see if you can add to the knowledge that was shared. If you can, you've hit on a potential topic that could benefit other people. You know this topic is already of interest if the blog post has more than 1 comment on it, so why not create your own version of the post?
  • Go to another blog post on a favorite site you admire, and see if you can answer one of the questions being asked either in the comments, or just plain within the post itself. Create your own content based on this question....
  • Go onto your favorite social media platform and see what's trending, in terms of topics. If you can provide a relatable story, relay an experience that ties into the trending topic, or simply add value to whatever's being discussed, use this opportunity to craft your content and promote the snot our of it.

Use Social Media to Connect with Real People....Then Listen to What They Say

This is where I'm wrapping it up and bringing it home, like my old boss used to say. Mastering one social media platform at a time is a great way to genuinely connect with other people. After all, we don't do this "blogging" thing just to promote ourselves and nothing else. Without human connections and interaction, there's absolutely no reason for social media. Successful brands listen to their audiences first, and then create the content and solutions from what their human audiences are telling them.

How I Used This Strategy to Find Success

Taking this approach has brought me much more success than throwing spaghetti against the wall and seeing if it sticks (which 90% of the time does not work). In my previous career, I had an opportunity to grow an account from the ground up as they were an enormously new business to my account package. My boss, who wasn't ever in sales before, asked me what my strategy was to "hit it big with this account".

Now I used to be in the distribution business so trust me, I had plenty of spaghetti to throw at the wall when it came to specific products. That didn't do me any good though. When I said to my boss that I was going to simply continue calling on a few key people and simply having conversations with them and listening he scratched his head and looked confused. He wanted me to fill out some fancy spreadsheet with estimations of sales in each product category. I handed it back to him with no figures and said "I can't fill this out yet, I haven't heard what their needs are, and I'm not holding myself accountable to a bogus plan". He didn't like that.

That account ended up being my biggest and most successful account because after listening to my customer for a few months, I was able to identify an area where I could be of tremendous value. They needed a custom solution and I was able to tailor one for them and we helped them accomplish their goals. We hit it out of the park and I still have excellent business relationships with that team even though I don't work for that company anymore.

Now it's your turn: What successes have you had from truly engaging with your audience, listening to them, and filling their gap? Feel free to share down below in the comments :)