Find Any Stud Using This One Simple Trick

Have you ever had to find a stud in a wall for one reason or another? No, I'm not talking about finding the most attractive contractor here....

Usually folks say "just use a stud finder". Well, yes, you can do that. But what if you don't currently own one or you can't find one? What then Sherlock??

Check this out!


If you run a somewhat strong magnet over the walls in your house/apartment, you'll find the nail/screw head the builders used to attach the drywall to the stud. My magnet up above found the drywall screw head and where there's a drywall screw head, there's a stud right behind it


That, my friends, is a strong magnet (with a bit of drywall dust settled on it....I was in the middle of a larger project, don't judge please). 

Now, grab a magnet and try this trick in any drywalled home in your house. I promise you it will work. Next time you're headed out to a party, bring said magnet with you and show your friends. You might just be the hit of the party! You are welcome.