8 Quick Tips Professional Organizers Use to Organize Any Kitchen

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, and it's true for so many reasons. But what happens when our kitchens aren't working for us and they're causing us all sorts of headaches because they're disorganized and cluttered?

Here are some quick and easy tips that will help keep your pantry functioning for you without a huge investment.

 Here are some super easy and inexpensive tips professional organizers use to help organize your kitchen. Click through to learn how to get your kitchen in order without going broke.

1. Put snacks in pull-out drawers for easy access.

When I went to visit my Mom, she had these drawers in her bathroom cabinets and I fell in love. I picked up 4 and went one step further, putting them into our pantry. I gathered up all of your snacks (granola bars, breakfast bars, crackers packs, popcorn bags, etc.) and put them into pullout drawers at eye level to my older sons.

No more keeping track of 27 small boxes of snacks anymore. Making sure to grab see through or mesh pullout drawers makes seeing these snacks easy.

2. Use old plastic Tupperware to gather & contain seasoning packets/sauces for meals


I'm a working Mom to 3 kids and a wife to a hungry working man as well. On those busy week nights, we need easy meals. I like to keep those sauces and seasoning packets all together in a Tupperware container we're no longer using. You know the ones I'm talking about....they have that weird coating on the inside from one too many microwave re-heating incidents.

Using the rectangular ones helps keep all those sauces/packets together for easy access and it cost me nothing out of pocket. Gotta love that!

3. Use a Decorative Candle Holder or Mason jar to collect and contain drink single drink mixes

Another easy kitchen organizing hack! We like the water flavor single dose mixes but I've found that the boxes are often flimsy because the packets are so light weight. Instead of keeping lots of little boxes and always straightening them or losing them among other dry goods boxes, I took them all out, and stood each packet upright in an old sauce jar.

I found this small ceramic decorative candle holder in a dollar section of a big box store a while back and had been using it to contain ear swabs. Then one day, we had an overabundance of single drink mix packets. So I snagged this votive holder and transformed it into our drink packet container.

If you don't have a votive holder, you can also us an old sauce jar or mason jar. One glass jar holds about 3 or 4 boxes worth of packets. Now those little fingers can grab one single packet and we're off to the races. Done and done!

4. Use DIY lazy suzans for spices, sauces & extra condiment jars


I love these DIY lazy susans that I made earlier in the Fall of this last year. They made that odd corner space much more usable and they're very budget friendly. In all honesty, you can grab an old circular cutting board, pick up a simple lazy susan bearings ring, attach the two and you're done. Now you have a great spot to keep all of your larger spice containers, salad dressings, basting sauces and extra condiments jars.

Instead of losing these in the deep dark depths of the pantry {or corner cabinet}, now you simply rotate your DIY lazy susan and you have easy access to everything. Go ahead, step back and admire your work!

5. Step shelves for easy line of sight to canned goods

I picked up some step shelves at my local big box store {honestly I don't remember which one had it} for under $10, but here's a best seller step shelf that expands and when separated, you get two step shelves! Now we can see all of our canned items.

I used to find I was buying duplicates and even triplicates of canned items and then either donating them or losing them back in the dark recesses of my pantry. Now, with all these cans up on risers, like we used to stand on in elementary school chorus, I can see all of my beans, corn, canned tomato products and other canned veggies. No more over-buying for this Mom. And they do look like little round school age children singing me a pretty song to me when I open up the pantry doors, lol!

6. Takeout Menus clipped and hung inside a cabinet door

If you live in a town or a city, you have most likely had your fair share of take-out menus come into your house.  

In our house, I plan all of the meals every Sunday and have purposely learned a couple of things over the years.

  • My family isn't the greatest at eating leftovers (myself included).
  • I don't like to cook from scratch every...single...night of my life. 

Enter the take-out night. Every Friday we have some sort of take-out food; whether it be pizza, sushi, Indian, Chinese or something else, it just breaks up the meal options well.

An easy way to keep these take-out menus organized came to me on a whim one day. Instead of stuffing them into a drawer where they'd inevitably get lost, or put them into a binder that I hated dragging out every time we wanted to order food, I put a few inexpensive tools to use and came up with a perfect solution (in my opinion, it's perfect). Grab a medium binder clip, and a medium Command hook. Find a cabinet used quite often in your kitchen, or the inside of your pantry door. Place the hook on the inside of said door, clip your menus together with the binder clip, and hang them up for easy access. 

Seriously, it's so easy!! Go try it...you'll thank me later ;)

7. School Menus printed out in page sleeves on inside of pantry or cabinet door

Do you have school age children in your house like we do? When my oldest went to first grade and began bringing home print outs of the cafeteria menu for the month, I grabbed it, put it in a page sleeve, and taped it on the inside of the pantry door. This way we ensured that it didn't get lost, wasn't somewhere where we'd forget to look at it, and was easily accessible on those blurry school mornings.

Quite often I'd recite what was for lunch while he was eating his cereal or bagel and he'd give me a thumbs up or down. Now I recite what's on the menu to the older boys at night, they give me their votes, and I make lunches {if they voted that way} after dinner is over and cleaned up.

8. Cabinet Dividers or Tension rods to store sheet pans, cutting boards & cookie sheets 

This was something I'd done in a previous home and it worked out really well. If your kitchen does not have a skinny cabinet to store sheet pans, cookie sheets and cutting boards upright then this is a genius and inexpensive hack you can implement in your pantry.

You can snag some inexpensive cabinet dividers here and install them in under 30 minutes. The directions are super easy to follow. If you don't want to do the measuring and drilling part, or if you're in a rental and can't do that, try this next trick!

Go to your local home improvement or big box store and grab 4-6 tension rods {they're in the decor section with the other curtain rods}. Now place them vertically between two shelves, one behind the other, and create some vertical space for your sheet pans, cookie sheets, and cutting boards.

You'll thank yourself if you own sheet pans or cookie sheets with a Teflon coating because this helps extend the life of said coating. The less these coated pans come in contact with other metal pans, the longer the coating will adhere to the pan. And, not to mention, it's a whole lot easier to get out that one cookie sheet or cutting board that you want when you're not fighting with what's currently on top of them. Having them stored vertically makes storage and use soooo much easier!

And here you have it. You can implement these quick changes within your own pantry or kitchen space this weekend and you'll find yourself feeling more accomplished and closer to your ideal organizing goal. Small changes like this over time not only help in the long run, but they'll make a positive impact on your bank account too.