5 Genius Ways to Organize Within Your Kitchen with Hooks

As I've been writing more and more about the importance of getting your kitchen organized, I'm flooded with more and more ideas to help you. One idea that I've used for several years that's helped keep my items, big and small, organized is to use hooks whenever possible.


Today I'll be showing you some creative {and super frugal} ways to use hooks to get stuff off of surfaces and help get you organized.

Plain and simple, the kitchen is the heart of nearly every home around the world. Why not make it work better for you?

1. Use hooks to hang your cleaning supplies under your sink.
Ever since I can remember, I've not liked any "under sink" layout in any kitchen I've ever had. So years ago, instead of continuing to frustrate myself, I grabbed some hooks and clips and started hanging things on the insides of cabinet doors and even on the inside of the cabinet itself. In our current house, here's how I do it:


2. Snag some hooks to hang up your measuring spoons and other small baking tools.
This one trick is one of my favorites. I don't know about you, but putting measuring spoons and nesting measuring cups into drawers gives me the willies. I don't know why! So a couple of years ago I began hanging up my measuring spoon sets and cups on the inside of my baking cabinet doors.

Because my cups are Stainless Steel, every time I'd open the cabinet door, they'd clang loudly or fall and surprise an innocent victim. When we moved into our current home, I decided to hang them in a different spot so as to avoid the constant noise and falling.


3. Clip and hang up takeout menus for easy access
I've talked about this one before in this post, but I can't help mention it again. This is a super easy trick and I absolutely love it. You just take a medium binder clips, clip together your takeout menus, and hang the clip from a hook placed inside an easily accessible cabinet door. Sooooo easy!!

2017-01-11 11.50.41.jpg

4. Bundle and hang your mixing stand's cord
This trick is super easy and super cost effective. It's one of my favorites, too! If you love to bake and you have a stand-up mixer, you know wrapping the cord around it makes putting it all back together tricky. Here's a super easy trick: grab a Command cord bundle hook (they come in packs of 2), stick it on the side of your mixing stand, wrap the cord in a loop like a cowboy wraps his rope, and secure it with the hook. 


5. Clip and hang children's medication instructions
If you have kids, chances are you'll end up taking them to the doctor for ailments they'll have. When I had my first son, I lived and died by the age/weight chart they gave me for baby ibuprofen doses. I now have 3 kids and I think I still have that same document, along with others.

Much like the takeout menu idea up above, grabbing children's medication dosing instructions and clipping them together to be hung can be a life saver! Especially if you've ever been up in the middle of the night with a sick child trying to figure out how much medicine to give them. Just grab your medical dosing instructions, clip them together, and hang them on the inside of your medicine cabinet for super easy access. Say goodbye to the midnight chaos.