How to Create a Frugal DIY Holiday Card Display

Like all things Christmas, this time of year brings wonderful smells, visions and tastes into our homes. With those visions come holiday greeting cards from friends & family. I love seeing those pictures of loved ones' children as they grow, year to year. They're so stinkin' cute!

But how do you show off those gorgeous cards in a pretty way without ruining walls with tape? There are lots of creative ways out there. Some involve hanging them from the mantle, or placing them on open shelving, or tacking them to cork board.

 learn how to create a cute, rustic DIY Display for your holiday cards. Best part is, it's reusable year after year. Click through to find the supplies I used and how I didn't spend over $10 for this display.

Today I'm showing you how I made a simple DIY holiday card display. It gets the cards off of valuable shelf surfaces, there are no thumbtacks, tape or glue involved, and it lets you show off the beautiful cards in a rustic, farmhouse fashion.

BONUS: I'll even tell you where I got the products so that you can re-create this display in your home. It literally takes only 5 minutes to do!

A DIY Holiday Card Display

Here's a few of the cards we received this year. As more and more began to come in the door, I knew I didn't want them to just pile up on our kitchen counter. I also knew I wanted to display them in a central area of the house where we could all look at them and think of our loved ones during the holidays, near and far.


Here's what you'll need:

Command mini hooks (these have the adhesive strips in the package already, yeah!)

Mini craft clothespins - 50 per package 

I ordered the mini craft clothespins from Amazon. I got the mini's on purpose because I knew I wanted to do this project. There are 50 of them in one bag and they're reusable from year to year, unless you break the wooden portion of them.

**Word to the wise** If you pinch them open and they slip in your hand, they may fly apart on you. It does take a little bit of patience to put them back together, but with either some long nails & good lighting or a pair of strong tweezers, you can put these mini clothespins back together again. I may or may not have had 3 of them fly apart on me until I learned to treat them gingerly.

Twine - We had ours already in the garage but this one is a good start if you don't have any. It's 300' and it has really good reviews.

I started with these clear Command hooks on this clean, dry surface in my kitchen. We don't have much going on on this side of the refrigerator so I figured displaying our holiday cards couldn't hurt.

I put up two hooks on opposite ends of the space on the side of our refrigerator. In our house, the fridge is enclosed with cabinetry, but on the left side there is a finished section that sits blank most of the year.

I didn't want to drill any holes into this blank piece so clear Command hooks were the perfect solution.

Then I grabbed some twine, cut it & attached it to either hook. Finally, I used one mini clothespin to hang each card at an angle so that you can see each card. 

2016-12-16 16.03.18.jpg

See? Wasn't that super easy?? Now our holiday cards are on display and we can see pictures of friends & family as we pass by the display every day. I haven't quite decided what I'll be doing with the cards once the holiday season is over, but that's another project I can think about over the next few days.

So how about do you display holiday cards you receive from friends and loved ones? I love skimming the internet looking for creative but cost effective ideas year after year.