Organize Your Favorite Holiday Recipes

Hi there! We're counting down the days until the 2016 holidays are finally upon us. All this month I'll be talking about different ways to get organized for a stress-free holiday season. Whether you're getting ready to travel to see loved ones, or preparing to host family & friends, or just prepping your home for a cozy season, I've got you covered when it comes to staying as organized as possible.

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Today we're talking about an easy way to organize your favorite holiday recipes. This is my favorite method to organize all of my favorite recipes. And you know what else? It's super easy to implement, you'll have your recipes at your fingertips, and you don't have to break out a single pen or pencil!

How to Organize Your Favorite Holiday Recipes

 Do you find yourself searching through recipe print-outs to find your favorite holiday meals? Want an easier way to gather and organize your recipes? Click through to watch this video tutorial and never print out another recipe again.


If you've been following along for a while, you'll recognize my method from this other blog post.... Today I'll be showing you how to snag your favorite recipes and corral them all in one place on your smart phone or tablet for easy access.

If you'd like a step-by-step tutorial that goes along with the video shown below, go ahead and grab it here using this form.


Studies show that nearly 68% of people own smartphones and use them for most of their daily activities. And what's more, 87% of millenials say their smartphone never leaves their side. With the amount of apps available to help keep us connected to one another, there are literally hundreds of ways to keep us organized.

If you know me, I like to keep everything as streamlined and in order as possible. I might have a slight problem, but it keeps my family moving, so I think it's working. Here's more proof that it's closest friends have asked me how I organize this or that, or how do I think they should get organized so that their world can be streamlined as well. I take my compulsion to be organized as a compliment!

Anyway, sorry, back to brass tax.

Today we're talking about recipe organization. If you're a fan of creating a recipe binder, I know we're going to be friends. I too created a recipe binder a few years ago. I remember sitting on the living room floor one night while my family watched a movie and I printed and sorted and labeled and hole-punched page after page after page. 

While I still do believe in that method, here's another way you can organize your recipes. If you have a smartphone, you're sitting on an organizing goldmine friend! Why not use Trello to gather up your favorite holiday recipes and keep them all at your fingertips, literally?

Watch this short video I made for you with the tutorial on how to setup your virtual recipe binder in Trello.


What I forgot to tell you in the video, because I'm a dope, is that: 

  1. Trello is a free tools anyone can use online
  2. You can click here and sign up for Trello for FREE
  3. Trello also has a free app for smartphones and tablets. You can check the app out here and download it for FREE on any of your devices.

The app for my iPhone is what I use in the kitchen when cooking and I have to follow a recipe I don't have memorized (which is most recipes)

If you want to start creating your own online recipe binder using Trello, you might like to grab the step-by-step tutorial based on the video. Just fill out the form and it'll be in your inbox momentarily!


I hope this new recipe organization method works out well for you. I've been using this method for the better part of a year and it makes finding my favorite recipes for any dish, holiday related or just a healthy, delicious dinner, that much easier.