The Secret To Getting Organized & How You Can Do It Today

It's no surprise that in order to achieve success, you have to put a lot of effort, planning and practice towards anything that you truly, deeply want. But how about just feeling like you're succeeding in the big picture, succeeding in life in general? How about making it through the day and finally feeling like you rocked it out, you achieved, and you didn't lose your sh*t while doing it!?

How many times a day are we distracted? How many times must we make choices to go this way or that, do this thing or that thing, etc. etc.? I'll tell you...according to studies, we are forced to make, on average, more than 70 choices every single day. That's exhausting!

 Sick of feeling like you're flying by the seat of your pants? Getting organized isn't as hard as it sounds with a plan behind it. If you're feeling frazzled & want to get the most out of your next day, click through to read about & download a FREE copy of the carpe diem printable daily planner page.

With every choice we make, we potentially upset the apple cart that is our life right now. By this, I mean, if I choose to make something new for dinner tonight, I'd better be prepared with the right ingredients and have the recipe on hand and make sure if I have enough time to pull it off before I have to dive into other nightly commitments, like homework with the kids, sports practices, musical instrument practice or get where I'm going here.

If there’s one constant in everyone’s lives that cannot be controlled, it’s time. Getting organized can help anyone make the most of the time we are given.

And if there's one constant in our lives that we cannot control, it's time. In order to get the most out of each day, we need to make great use of the time we're given, right?

So what happens when we make choices that can potentially derail us from our other commitments? We give up precious time to explore a new choice, time that could have gone towards other prior commitments {see paragraph above}. If the new choice we made pans out, sweet! If not, we'll never get that time back, but hopefully we'll take what we've learned from that choice moving forward.

The Secret Sauce for Long Term Success

I'm spilling the beans here friends....the secret sauce to getting the most out of the time we're given is to organize & plan ahead. NERD ALERT!!! Yes, I know what you're probably thinking, and if you're calling me names behind my back, I don't mind.

I love love love organizing & planning everything!

That's why I finally broke down and created a single page, full size daily planner. I've spent way too much time scouring the interwebs for a single page daily planner that I like. So instead of continuing to choose to spend that precious time looking for solutions already created {of which there are several and they're all wonderful in their own ways}, I took the bull by the horns and made my own.

The daily planner page has a dedicated area to write out your prioritized "I must get these things done today" area {or what I refer to as the rocks of the day}, a menu plan for the day, a small list of tasks for the day and a planning section where you can break out the waking hours and plot out your plan of attack!

Take Back Your Time

As mentioned above, I love organizing & planning everything in my life. I've stopped trying to re-create the big wheels in life where I know my efforts will not be worth my time. But I don't ever stop organizing spaces in our house, my office, online areas {the entire premise behind this website, hello?!} and even friends' homes & lives.

With the use of a daily planner {and there are other versions that I've used and am tweaking for future release} I can set up my day for success. I can take the time that I've been granted and make the most of it because I know what I have to get done and by when.

I can write out the things I need to accomplish, work around the things that are already scheduled or not in my control {like make sure I have my work completed before jumping into my kids' activities starting at 3:30PM} and keep track of what's coming down the pike.

So try this right now:

  1. Print out just one copy of the daily planner page
  2. Write out only up to 3 things you want to accomplish tomorrow and put them in the shaded box that says "I Need To Complete This Today!" section
  3. Now write out the uncontrollable events & at what time you know they'll happen on the left-hand side of the page
  4. If you cook the meals in your house, or partake in eating them, write out at least what you want to make/eat tomorrow including breakfast, morning snack, lunch, mid-afternoon snack, and dinner

    (If you don't eat all those meals, don't worry about it, you're not being graded)

  5. Write out any other tasks that you feel you need to accomplish tomorrow that go hand-in-hand with with the things you feel you must complete (the things you wrote in step 2)
  • This will include the micro-steps necessary to pull of amazing things such as getting kids to sports on time (preparing uniforms, filling water bottles, packing healthy snacks ahead of time)
  •  This will also include anything you do on a routine basis every single day so that you can see where your time is currently being spent

Click the image below to download your own copy of the full size daily planner for FREE.

I once had a boss who loved to say "failing to plan is planning to fail". And as much as I didn't like to hear that, I agreed with him on the inside. I used to fly by the seat of my pants and then wonder why I'd feel tired, stressed, and frustrated when I couldn't get it all done in a day. And sometimes, you can't....but if you plan it out, at least you can see what it looks like on paper. 

So go ahead, snag your FREE copy of the daily planner page. Plan out your day and start to see small steps building toward an organized day and successful.

And let me know how it's going with the daily planner page! Email me with your success stories, your questions, your comments, your requests and even your epic failures.....#weallhavethem.