The Simple Way to Finally Organize Your Holiday Card Recipient Addresses {Plus a FREE Address Book Printable}

Every year when the holiday season arrives I feel nostalgic and love every detail that goes into making it feel magical and special. I love the smell of freshly cut Christmas trees and wreaths, the sight of new fallen snow, the aroma of cookies and name it, if it has to do with the winter holiday season, I absolutely love it.

What I don't love is feeling stressed or like I'm flying by the seat of my pants. Am I alone in this sentiment?

That's why I start collecting great shots of the kids for our family holiday greeting card in the summer. (Seriously, with three little ones running around, it's near impossible to get a picture of all of them looking somewhat normal and in the same setting) But that's not what I'm addressing today.....

 Get organized this holiday season. Write out your holiday card address list once and use it year after year. click through for the free printable holiday card address book.

The 2016 Holiday Greeting Card Tracker

If you're like me and you like to share holiday greeting cards with friends and family, you like to know who you'll be sending these out to so they'll get to the people in time (like before New Year's Eve). We have family scattered literally across the United States and even in foreign countries.

Personally I like to use this link from USPS every year to help me know what my shipping cut-off dates are. 

It feels like every year when I make our family's holiday photo greeting card, send it away to get multiple prints made, and wait by the mailbox for the pile of photo cards to come back to me, I always have to start a "who are we sending greeting cards to this year" list. Seriously??!! Why am I starting over and over again, year after year?

That's why this year I buckled down and made a Greeting Card Tracker that follows along with the other Holiday Themed Printables I've created for 2016.


Would you like your own copy of the Holiday Card Address Tracker?

Snag a copy of the FREE Holiday Card Address Tracker here.

I also like to have a running list of people who'll be receiving the card.

Because writing out lists is ingrained deep in my brain, I like to:

  1. Hand write the addresses on the greeting card tracker and
  2. Do it in pencil in case someone's address changes (because, let's face it, that does happen).

The Holiday Greeting Card Tracker is a simple 8 1/2" x 11" standard landscape page, single sided for ease of use. It's a pretty, festive yet neutral design that has spaces to capture:

  • The individual or family's name
  • Street Address
  • City, State & Zip Code
  • And a handy little checkbox to remind you that the card has been sent 

It's simple yet a super tool to use year after year. HINT: Keep this list tucked away in a Household Command Central Binder for use every year.

This way, instead of going through your phone or address book year after year, or asking your spouse "hey do we usually send a card to this family? I can't remember!", you can quickly pull out this list and address the envelopes with ease and NO STRESS! 

Snag a copy of the FREE Holiday Card Address Tracker here!

So here's to another organized holiday season activity! I hope your holidays are festive, filled with love & joy, and stress-free.

Feel free to let me know if you enjoy these free organizing resources. Happy Holidays!