Meet Oriana, I'm A Real Person, I promise

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Everything in its place, every place has a thing. These are words that were burned in my brain 16 years ago when I entered the corporate world....and they've poured into my personal life. I love everything to be organized, think of new ways to be better organized, dive head first into DIY projects, and live a financially conscious, yet purpose filled life.

Hi there, I'm Oriana! I've got type A life organizational skills that I learned both in the classroom, while studying to become an engineer, and out in the real world as a busy working mom of 3. My goal is to get women with full lives organized, on track, and achieving their goals now!!

In the past handful of years I have gotten our family organized and financially healthy, and I have learned A LOT. We made every change that we could to better our family budget and it's paid great dividends. And when I say we made changes, we have stuck with our decisions to be financially open & aware of the way we are.

  • I can tell you where nearly everything in our house currently "lives"
  • I can tell you what our monthly budget looks like without opening up a spreadsheet (just the word spreadsheet makes me shiver in disgust)
  • I manage the grocery budget on a cash basis every month
  • I can feed a family of 5, living in the Northeast US, for under $100/week
  • I have successfully learned the couponing game but I'm NOT an extreme couponer (I don't use coupons, period)
  • I have learned that being organized is an ongoing process
  • I follow my Organizing Process with each and ever organizing project that I undertake. The underlying strategy to eliminate the clutter effectively decreases stress overall.
  • If you're willing to continue working at being organized, eventually your expenses can be cut down, debt can be paid off and life does feel less stressed

Like I said earlier, I'm a busy, working mom to 3 children. We have worked hard to get out of, and stay out of, debt. We have no student loans (paid off the last one in 2015), we have no credit card debt, we both contribute to our long term retirement savings, all of our children have a college savings plan in place, and we only have 1 car loan that's due to be paid off in the Spring of 2017.  {UPDATE: The only remaining car loan was paid off in full in February of 2017}

I tell you this not to brag, not to sound obnoxious, but rather to light a fire in YOUR belly. The first step to feeling anymore free than you do now is to become more organized, and start chipping away at your short & long term goals.