• After meeting with several organizing specialists, I knew Oriana was the one to let into my utterly disorganized, old home. Her passion and personality shined above all else. She didn't judge. She asked the appropriate questions to get a feel for my family's day-to-day life. After that, she knew. She just knew how the tiniest, oddest shaped bathroom closet could become a practical, functional space for my family of 5. I would strongly urge you to get over the state of chaos your house may be in and let her work her magic. You won't regret it! I look forward to working with her again in the near future.
    Liz, Home Organizing Client
  • As a busy mom juggling a full schedule, I found myself needing an easy to way to manage all of our family's commitments. Upon finding Oriana's Organizing Command Center, I reached out to her and worked with her to create a unique & functional Organizing Command Center that suits my family's organizing needs perfectly. Oriana asks all the right questions, takes the time to listen to what really matters, and creates a one-of-a-kind solution that actually works! Her custom organizing products have been a sanity saver for us, to say the least!
    Malina, Home Organizing Client
  • Oriana helped me organize my kitchen in a way that makes the space I have more functional and makes it "work for me". She came in and very quickly saw spaces I could use better, and made recommendations for organization and storage solutions that quickly transformed wasted space into functional spaces that I love to show off! My kitchen flows much better and makes cooking and hosting a cinch.
    Sarah, Home Organizing Client
  • When we moved into our new house I was overwhelmed by the shear amount of stuff that we had. I was paralyzed by the piles of boxes and did not know where to begin. I found Oriana's Professional Organizing (and unpacking) services and felt a sense of relief flow over me. She calmly came in and worked with me in small, bite-size chunks to put my new home together. She has a process that keeps the overwhelm away. And her policy of working in small time chunks helped me a lot! She's patient, she listens, and she sets up your environment in a way that truly works for you. Hiring Oriana on an on-going basis is the best decision I've made to help me move away from being chronically disorganized and chronically overwhelmed.
    Patricia, Home Organizing Client

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